About us

Our Approach

We leverage our extensive network within the Spanish Costa del Sol to find properties with significant renovation potential that seldom reach the open market. From securing these diamonds in the rough to executing meticulous renovations, our strategy is designed to ensure every project we undertake is poised for success.

Invest with Confidence

At Renova properties, we believe in creating a transparent and trustful relationship with our investors. Our commitment to delivering stable growth and profitable outcomes is at the heart of our operations. With a focus on high-demand areas of the Spanish Costa del Sol, our strategic approach in property investment and renovation has consistently generated attractive returns for our investors.

Our team

kristian kvadrat
Kristian Eliasson


Kristian is an entrepreneur who began his journey at the age of 22. With over 10 years of experience, he has successfully operated businesses, made investments, and acquired properties in Spain. With a passion for business and an eye for opportunities, Kristian has established himself as a prominent figure in the corporate world and real estate industry.

Torkel Ljungberg


Torkel embarked on his entrepreneurial journey early in life. After moving to Spain in 2013, he has built a solid foundation in business, investments, and property acquisition. Torkel’s interest in business and his ability to see and seize opportunities have helped him become successful in his fields of operation.

August Harringe


August is a serial entrepreneur and multi-tasker originating from the sales industry who, over the past decade, has expanded his field of operations from starting and developing companies to successfully day trading on the American stock market. Since 2018, he has been residing in Marbella and has since built up a solid network of contacts that will assist Renova in profitable ventures.

Kristian Eliasson

Interior designer

Frida is our talented interior designer. With a passion for design and a background in property acquisition, Frida has a unique ability to create fantastic indoor environments that combine style and functionality in an outstanding way. Her work is characterized by elegance and modernity and spans a variety of projects, from luxurious residences to innovative commercial spaces.

Lina Röcklinger

Graphic designer

Lina is the creative force behind our graphic design and communication. With a solid foundation in marketing, she combines her technical skills with a deep understanding of communication, making her a central figure in our efforts to spread and successfully market Renova.

Per Olovsson

Real estate broker

Per is a prominent real estate agent on the Spanish coast with an impressive year behind him. Per came down in 2019 and has since established himself as one of the foremost in a market where competition is high. With his keen sense for attractive areas and an extensive network of contacts, he often has access to exceptional properties with potential for high profit margins before they reach the market.

Our mission is clear:

Acquire distressed properties below market value, rejuvenate them through strategic renovations, and maximize returns upon resale.